Dreaming of Prepositions:
XX Things to Do with Dreams

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I. To go from Point X to Pointless

II. To defamiliarize (To change families)

III. To lose what you’re always finding

IV. To dissolve substances into transitions

V. To unsettle the settling of memory

VI. To communicate with the dead

VII. To release the tongue from the logic of the Word

VIII. To inhabit the interstices

IX. To suspend the formulas of identity

X. To follow a hole to an opening which is not

XI. To do other-wisely

XII. To interrupt the clamor of names

XIII. To attend the event wh-ever it may turn you

XIV. To pass prepositionally (through and throw) into clearing

XV. To gimble y outgyre da swort

XVI. To wake up from all stories

XVII. To abandon love and other easy explanations

XVIII. To disrupt expectation, cultivating humor

XIX. To have a sound regard for the invisible

XX. To unfurl the strange bodies coiled in this manifold body