Who is thinking me this time?

Who am I when I forget myself?

What will the next heaven and hell be?

How did people come to love punishment?

When will I forgive God for having existed?

Which of my selves did I fall in love with in you?

Can I forgive myself for never having outgrown stories?

Who made up the fatal myth of beginnings and endings?

A blessing or a curse when humans learned to exchange one thing for another?

How to make space for wisdom in this overcrowded mind?

What will happen when I stop making things happen?

Why do we most miss what we've never had to lose?

How will tomorrow come if I don't imagine it?

Why can't we help turning life into a story?

How many forgettings for every memory?

Will I stop believing in time in time?

What makes some fragments stick?

What will I find I’ve lost next?